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Bridge identity islands across the enterprise and cloud

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Identity Panel is an identity intelligence engine for aggregating your data across the enterprise: including directories, cloud-services, databases, claim providers, and synchronization engines.

With Identity Panel you can

  • Visualize, report on, and audit your Identity and Access stack
  • Implement pro-active monitoring and alerts
  • Schedule and coordinate synchronization tasks and scripts
  • Perform automated testing and regression analysis of your environment


Click the Demo button to access a live demo environment with simulated identies and synchronization history that you can use to explore some of the features of our product. You can also request a live screen-sharing demo through our Contact page.


Use the sign-up button to start a 30-day free trial. You will need to be an administrator of your organization's Azure Active Directory environment to add this application.

After registering, you will be prompted through a setup walkthrough process to start collecting and aggregating identity data.