SoftwareIDM Privacy Statement

Defined Terms

The organization or company subscribing to the Identity Panel Services.
Data content including directory data, database data, claim data, records, history, certificates, personal data, access data, case data, test data, production data, system health, custom code, customer configurations, uploaded logos, and any other data collected by the Identity Panel Service.
Identity Panel Service
Identity Panel web application and service hosted outside of the customer‘s network, accessible through the Internet or virtual private network. It includes Identity Panel, Sync Panel, Data Panel, Claims Panel, Office Panel, ERP Panel, and all other services available through Identity Panel.
An authorized person who accesses or has access to the Identity Panel Services.

Governing Laws

SoftwareIDM will comply with all applicable data privacy laws in the performance of the Identity Panel Service. As a part of that compliance, SoftwareIDM will use at least industry standard technical, procedural and physical means to protect against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of Personal Information and Customer Data.

We may transfer, copy, backup and store your Data in the United States, United Kingdom, or other countries or jurisdictions outside your country as a part of the Identity Panel Services, unless a specific agreement with the Customer supersedes. We will obtain appropriate agreements with Our affiliates, subcontractors and agents consistent with this SoftwareIDM Privacy Statement.

Your Collected and Stored Data

SoftwareIDM servers can be configured by the customer or its vendor, including SoftwareIDM, to collect certain operational data, data stored in your system, and data dynamically created from your systems. Data can be collected from IT systems and products including, but not limited to, Microsoft Identity Manager, Office 365, directories, tables, databases, data stores, and event logs.

Personal Data Collected

In addition to data you configure to store in the Identity Panel Services, our servers automatically record certain information about your use of the Identity Panel Services including account activity (e.g. pages accessed, number of log-ins, actions taken including purchases and cancelations, and your IP address). We also retain Personal Data and other information provided to or created using Identity Panel Service features and through the account management and licensing process. This information can include contact information including but not limited to name, address, phone number, company, occupational information, etc.

You the Customer, are explicitly responsible for obtaining consent from your Users to the Identity Panel Service‘s collection, use, processing and transfer of Data, where applicable. “User”, in this paragraph, means you and your employees, contractors, agents and/or third parties who use the Identity Panel Services and the owners of the Identities and data you plan to collect and store using the Identity Panel Service.

Monitoring Data

The Identity Panel Service is designed to monitor Data and Systems. However, SoftwareIDM will not explicitly monitor Customer Data, except:

  1. where instructed or authorized by you or your role administrator, through the assignment of application permissions,
  2. where needed to provide, support or improve the provision of Identity Panel Services,
  3. where needed to monitor system, licensing, and subscription counters,
  4. to investigate potential or suspected fraud, or
  5. where required by law or to exercise or protect SoftwareIDM‘s legal rights.

Storage and Security of Personal Data

Personal Data unique to the Identity Panel Service is stored on our servers and our wholly operated Databases. Actions taken within the account are logged and are subject to archival. Additional information is stored by Microsoft in the Azure Active Directory, and is under the control of the Customer, and is bound by Microsoft‘s and the Customers respective agreements and privacy statements.


You agree that SoftwareIDM may contact you via e-mail or otherwise with information relevant to your use of the Identity Panel Services and your payment obligations.

Trial Data and Post Subscription Data Storage

Identity Panel Service that is used in a trial, or that is suspended after a trial or subscription as ended, may temporarily retain data to improve your customers experience in the event that you purchase or return the service. However, you Data may be deleted at any time after the end of a trial or subscription period. You may extract certain Data anytime while your trial or subscription is active, using the Identity Panel Services limited reporting capabilities. You may extract any configuration anytime your trial or subscription is active, using the limited configuration feature of the Identity Panel Service.

Managed Service

SoftwareIDM, from time-to-time, will authorize certain firms to provide Identity Managed Services leveraging the Identity Panel Service. The Customer can explicitly authorize SoftwareIDM to permit one of these firms to access the Managed Service Dashboard of your Identity Panel Services. Additionally, the Customer can explicitly provide additional access through the Identity Panel Services administrative features.


How to Contact SoftwareIDM

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